​Re: In Ilorin, Governance Took Flight Many Years AgoBy Tade Olanrewaju 

Writing is an art, thus it gives a writer opportunity to create a world sometimes that fits into his fancy and fantasy,  even if such is unreal. It is therefore obvious that our friend the writer of this piece has exercised his creative rightfully. The only unfortunate aspect is that he used the opportunity to waste precious space. I am therefore not surprised by the several responses that have trailed his article since he summoned the courage to put it out. Sincerely one needs the type of courage that defies shame to push out such I’ll conceived product and still claim to be a journalist.
So our friend visited Ilorin, some years after he left town and what did he see that made him angry? Ongoing construction work at Geri Alimi! He was angry because he spent time in the traffic created by the construction work. Let me apologise to him on behalf of government.But let me also appeal to him to improve his education because his arguments all pointed at a deficiency in that direction. Otherwise a little quality use of mind would have made him realise among others that there are indeed other routes around the construction site but that there can never be a sufficiently conducive alternative in the circumstance. One would have hailed our writer if he said the work had been abandoned. Thank God he didn’t. His grouse was also that we in Kwara were trying to copy a Lagos idea where. Please tell him we are proud our government is copying something good. His grouse is that there is no need for the Diamond Underpass here in Kwara but please tell him that no good government builds for only today, only shortsighted people do that and the Kwara of today has a daily influx of population from the north, a commendation of our peaceful existence and any good government will take that into consideration in planning infrastructure, including road.

He however actually showed where he was going towards the end of the article when he descended on the Saraki dynasty. And what did he have to say but a rehash of previous absurdities by those who only come home to confuse our people once in four years? So I know that even though he called himself a journalist who has done some works on Kwara, he has only written what he was told to write. But me, I want to ask him, since people like him have been writing their absurdities, how many people have they been able to delete from the Saraki crowd? Wise up men! This is not the credible way to do opposition. When federal government was doing Lagos-ibadan expressway, were there no traffic congestions on the road? There are some people that Saraki is the only thing they dream about and how to bring him down but the more they try, the more they fail. So if they give a job to any contractor other than Julius Berger it is an offence? So because you entered traffic jam in Geri Alimi then there is no governance in Kwara again? Maybe they should have sent a chopper to come and lift you? Which hospitals did you visit and they told you, Nicholas, that the patients were on admission because they were exposed to traffic delay at Geri Alimi? When has that kind of exposure become the source of illness, dokita Nico? Ha, if you have nothing to write about why no shut downyour computer? In Lagos and Abuja where you have been staying are there no traffic issues, even in well constructed roads? Have you checked your records to see variation in the approved budget for the road? When you visited Osun and you saw all the glamorous and glittering roads, did you ask them what they endured before those roads became what you said they have become  now, assuming you were telling the truth, Mr journalist?