​Drug Abuse Saga: A blight in the Northern Part of Nigeria – Saraki

Drug abuse has been very rife among the Nigerian youths irrespective of the tribe or religion. Many Nigerian youths these days are highly drug-addicted due to a plethora of  unjustifiable reasons. This future-marring attitude has made thousands of them go mentally derailed while uncountable numbers have gone to the journey of no return untimely.

Yesterday, Dr. Bukola Saraki expressed his displeasure over how the menace of drug abuse has been blighting the Nothern part of the country and also pledged that necessary measures would be taken to curb this. 
However, It is on this note that I want to appreciate the effervescent Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for deeming it fit to stamp out this scourge which has been blurring the future of tomorrow Nigerian leaders.

Taofeek Sanusi Writes From Ilorin