​#SPUnityCup; A Success within Success By Lawal Sharafadeen Arab

In life, we are most often subjected to powers beyond our influence and control. We are tools within the controls of some bigger machineries, the structure of the world is based on this analogy.

No one succeeds in isolation or self accolades. We are always in need of team effort at some point.

The news about #SPUnityCup took over the internet for some few weeks now but most people don’t know the hard works that were invested in the project. Obstacles and barriers broken, the project was such a one that was established on sincerity of purpose and selflessness.

When my team and I were drafted into the project, we were, initially, skeptical due to rumors that were peddled against the LOC but as always, we didn’t dwell on rumours. We otherwise made our findings to evaluate the sagacity and sincerity of the LOC and I make bold to say to the world that every machinery involved in getting #SPUnityCup to the level it got have the purest of intentions as against all bad news sponsored against it.

Kudos to the Chairman LOC, Alhaji Hon. Abdulrauf Abdusalam, the Secretary LOC, Rasheed Ola Saraki, Alhaji Muda Babaita, Alhaji Ladi Giwa and every single soul that gave in their all to bring the project to this hight. We all have proven yet again that we can shake Nigeria and make anything work.

This project was one free from the usual eye service that seems to be the norm in recent times and that’s another reason why the praises are due and deserving. 

Saraki boys will always win with or without the rhetorics, bad politics and backbiting simply because it’s usually not about the money but how to propagate the name of our leader and his good works in nation building. 

I make bold to state clear that #SPUnityCup was a success and God bless all social media users that drove the idea and added life and colour. We are grateful and rest assured that we are all noticed.

#SPUnityCup is coming big very soon, please watch the space.