​Two October 4th 2017 Events: Kwara Noisemakers on the Street as Saraki Empowers School Children By Bashir Akanbi

The name “Saraki” has perceptibly become a source of enrichment cum blessing to not only his loyalists but also the political opposition in Kwara state. The recent trend where self-acclaimed comrades, old and young, whose antecedents are atrocious and who are so rejected in their family houses, owing to their abominable conducts and uselessness, that they can not mobilize a person in their clans, portray to the external adversaries of Saraki that they are rooted in Kwara to cripple Saraki politically at homefront through needless protests and rallies that are magnified by Media. 

It’s understandable that feeding an online platform called Sahara Reporters and other anti-Saraki media platforms, contracted to blackmail Saraki, with fabricated lies and concoction of nonsense, is the source of livelihood to some youths in Kwara. It is however safe to refer to dudes like that as “No Saraki, No Food”. Although the undiscerning minds see them as pro-Kwaran advocates, those who know them, know them as  “onijekujes” who can not do anything better than the political system they condemn. 

One thing that gave me joy on Wednesday 4th October, 2017, was that, the grand finale of the distribution of instructional materials to the teachers and pupils of basic schools in Kwara Central Senatorial District which was flagged off a week before by the Constituency Office of the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, was ongoing at a simultaneous time the political desperadoes were busy with their calumnious campaign through the politically sponsored rally. 

I cannot but appreciate the Nigerian Senate President, Dr. Saraki, for his foresight and commitment towards ensuring that pupils in basic schools are supported to thread the path which will make them become meaningful members of their community, Kwara State, Nigeria and the globe at large.

Education, they say, is the bedrock of development of every society. There is obviously no gainsaying the fact that the developed countries of the world attained their enviable status through qualitative and technology-driven educational policies. As a leader with foreign exposure and zeal for making Kwara State one of the best in terms of human capital development, his hallmarks in education as the governor are enormous and conspicuous. Also, his doggedness toward educational development in the State since he became the Chairman of the National Assembly, has been very reinvigorated.

Lo and behold, it is an undeniable fact that poor students’ academic performance at the basic level of education across the states in Nigeria has been blamed on poor/inadequate instructional materials.

However, with the giant stride taken by the Senate President in providing these materials to the pupils as well as the instructors, there is no doubt that the condition shall be ameliorated to improve the quality of teaching and learning at this level of education, thereby resulting in the realization of improved students’ academic performance.

This programme will in no small measure, the boost morale of the teachers as availability of these resources will support them to discharge their statutory duty of imparting knowledge to the pupils effectively. 

In addition to this, with the current economic situation in the country, this programme has equally assisted the parents to some extent, as some hurdles which they would have needed to cross in providing these materials for their children have been removed by the Saraki’s Educational Development Programme.
While Saraki was busy empowering the pupils and shaping their future, the Kwara Noise Makers were busy disturbing the peace in the community and constituting a nuisance with a self-serving protest aiming at achieving no result. 
One of the major differences that distinct Saraki and them is, investing in the future of Kwara while the noisy neighbors remain pocket fighters in nobody’s interest than theirs. 
Let me be quick to remind them that the Saraki dynasty under the leadership of Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, stands like Olumoh Rock and remains unshakable like the Sobi hill. Let them make noise from today till tomorrow, Kwarans can’t be deceived with their crocodile tears. Elections aren’t won on social media or on the street during protest.
Kwarans are peace loving people, and they know where their loyalty lies. Come what may, Kwara remains indivisible under the leadership of Saraki.

Dear Kwarans, Saraki is a true son of Kwara State, a rare gem with unwavering commitment to the development of Kwara State. A lover of the masses and a carer for the future of the Kwaran children. Let us continue our prayers and support for him, so that he can succeed in his current position as the President of the Senate, Federal Republic of Nigeria, as we pray for better positions.

God bless Kwarans!
God bless Kwara State!
God bless Nigeria!