By Tijani Olaegbe

There is price for greatness even being loyal to a course, therefore Senator Dr. Rafiu Ibrahim is paying the price of being a loyal disciple of Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Aside this Senator Dr Rafiu Ibrahim passionately upholds the philosophy and tradition of Saraki dynasty via performance and service delivery to the people who invested on him through their votes (the good people of Kwara South).

Then what is Senator Dr Rafiu Ibrahim’s sin? His sin is that he is doing it differently to the admiration and acceptance of all. Even opposition parties attest to this. But Yoruba song has it that “ta ba le ni ta o ba ba ni, iwon la ba ni sota mo “.

Senator Dr Rafiu Ibrahim through fate and providence was given a trial to serve his state constituency and he showed the world the stuff he is made of and this gave him that meteoric rise to the peak of legislation in Nigeria. No doubt the successes Senator Dr Rafiu Ibrahim recorded in all fronts is the reason for the fake media outing which is an exercise in futility.

It is high time we let people know that it is not in our tradition to play dirty politics. It is dirty politics and very undemocratic when you malign or vilify.

However Baba Awolowo once submitted on issues like this “I thank my political opponents (not enemies for i have none) all those throughout my adult life to this day who have in diverse ways made things difficult going for me, unknown to themselves, they are friends in disguise. By their action they have toughened me, they have made me utterly fearless, defiant, supremely self-confindent, indifferent to obloquy and sometimes suspicious of praise “.

Lastly it is once stated that you cannot talk yourself out of problem you behave yourself into.