Kwara South: No Fake Media Arrangement Will Stop the People’s Senator, Dr Rafiu Ibrahim 

It’s quite unfortunate that some scrupulous elements, who are allegedly said to be employed by an errand boy to top Media Aide in the State, have embarked on fruitless mission to discredit the Kwara South Senator, Dr Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, to pave way for him to continue benefitting from the structure he has no contribution.

Without distorting the fact, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim remains one of the best politicians that has ever been produced in Kwara South. Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, a political Son and product of the Saraki dynasty, who endears himself with his people and community development.

Kwara South people are very sophisticated politically across party lines, and we believe our people will make their choice of who represents them in 2019. These errand boys should be warned not to cause political tension where non exist. The entire Kwara South youth condemn in totality and they should be reminded that Kwara Southerners are peace loving people and any attempt to disrupt the known peace is unacceptable.

The fact still remains that Kwara APC has a formidable structure under the leadership of the Nigerian Senate President, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki. It should be stated clearly that the supremacy of the party is key and whoever the party picks and anoints shall remain the only candidate for all.

We acknowledge the leadership prowess of the Nigerian Senate President, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki, and his managerial skills in holding the party together for the development of our people and our state.

We, in Kwara South, know our sons and daughters, who have the people at heart and have contributed to the yearning and development of our Senatorial District.

We owe no apology to say that, we are proud of the outstanding performance of our Senator, Dr Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, in his legislative business at the National Assembly and that he has performed excellently well with his constituency projects and other developmental projects through his RIB Foundation in rural road network, rural electrification, provision of potable water, renovation of library, provision of public toilets in prime markets, training, scholarship and educational support, etc

We want to urge others who are juggling for the Kwara South Senatorial seat to come out open and state what they have done for the people rather standing on the “bring him down syndrome” to get public sympathy.

God bless Kwara South Senatorial District!!!
God bless Kwara State!!
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Hon. Wasiu Awoniyi
Federation of Kwara South Youth