#RafiuIbrahimAt51: Happy Birthday To The Senator That Symbolizes Development By Owolabi Abdulrahaman

In exactly five decades and 365days back, a shining star was born in the family of Alhaji Ibrahim Ayinla Kajogbola and Alhaja Rafatu Adunni Ibrahim in Ojoku, Oyin LGA of Kwara State.

They were happy for the arrival of the new born, which nobody on Earth could boldly beat his/her chest on “who is he”, “what he will become in life”, “how long will he live on Earth?”, “where does he belong to?”. They were just being grateful to the creator for giving them their flesh. I am glad to associate with the shinning star today, which positively answered to the above questions that were unknown to no mankind then.

Many souls had been buried, kidnapped, jailed, living wretched lives. We are not mocking them but to be grateful to Almighty Allah because we are not better than them.

Today, I join other millions of well-wishers home and in diaspora to celebrate your fifty one (51) years on Earth. We, no doubt, count you among the successful ones (Alhamdulillahi). Sir, I love the instinct of leadership in you, among your peers. May you live longer than your predecessors.

You have excellently proved yourself in the area of community and human developments. Indeed, *you are such a philanthropist whose generosity and humanitarian services are incomparable among your equals.*

I am intrepid to tell you this sir, you are one in a million. You made me to understand that, there is nothing in power than to move closer to our community (the governed class). *Your not being incommunicable resulted in how I got a juicy federal job from you through a mere text message I sent you with regard to my joblessness.* However, you, as a politician cum leader, didn’t create a bridge for a rebellion to invade your governance. Kudos for being you always, as an adage says, “Those who accomplish great things, pay attention to little ones”. You listen to our pleads and cries as your constituents morning and night. You are indeed a gem and undebatable hero for your door and telephone line are open for us all – the good people of Kwara South.

Celebrating you, without mentioning your allegiance to the *President of Nigeria Senate who doubles as your leader and mentor, Dr. Bukola Saraki,* will be incomplete. *In you we see the reflection of a true Sarakite because the Saraki Dynasty symbolizes nothing but human capital and community development* – a legacy left behind by the late Dr. Sola Saraki which is being flied by Dr. Bukola Saraki better.

Once again, happy birthday to my magnificent Senator, I pray for abundant blessings in your life, Office and family. May Almighty Allah replenish your wealth in multiple folds and make your present position an opening path for better things to come, Amin. LLNP sir. Hurray!!!

By Owolabi Abdulrahaman, an employment beneficiary of Senator Rafiu Ibrahim.