By Tunji Ajadi

I have gone through the article written by one Comrade Dhikrullah Ayinde, titled, ‘Who is Fooling Who’. Though the questions raised are ridiculous and funny, I will attend to some of them to correct some wrong notions and set fact straight.

Foremost, it’s important I let the Comrade know that no one is fooling anyone in Kwara State. Kwarans are born royal and to believe that someone is fooling us is an insult to our personalities.

Bukola Saraki, no doubts is one of the most successful, brainy and productive sons of the soil. He has moved several national motions in favour of the masses, headed several committees set-up to restructure Nigeria.

As a Governor of Kwara State, he led reforms in agriculture, health, education, finance, and environmental policy. Some of his achievements include Kwara State University (KWASU), Kwara State Aviation College, Shongai Farm, Kwara Football Academy, Kwara Diagnostic Centre among others.
Kwarans was able to get nothing less than 30 slots at the recent Federal board appointment through the influence of Saraki. No wonder some Nigerians call him the most influential politician in Nigeria.

I can categorically say that he has achievements that surpassed that of his predecessors in Kwara State and we are glad he has represented and still representing us well in his present seat. In fact, he is the pride of Kwara.
What informed his decision of setting up a constituency office to each ward in Kwara Central is for the people to have a sense of belonging and relate their problems directly to him through his representatives.

Besides, Saraki is not just Senate President, he is also our responsive leader. And so he is also quick to know that Kwara needs a good manager to succeed him as governor and it was not a mistake that Ahmed was chosen and elected considering his track records.
Governor Abdulfatai Ahmed being a worthy successor has built on the achievement of Bukola Saraki by completing major inherited projects and new ones. He has moved Kwara from its development stage to a well-developed one.

I think it’s important I educate you on the issue of Local Government workers salary since you enjoy swimming in the pool of your own ignorance. It is not the responsibility of the Kwara State Governor to pay the salary of local government workers but out of his magnanimity, he released part of the first and second tranche of the Paris Club refund to pay their salary. I bet you, no other state governor will do that.
Saying the Governor cannot point to any significant project of his own since the start of this administration is ridiculous, funny and even illogical.

We are proud of the Demand Driven Agricultural Scheme (ODDA), Light-Up Kwara, International Vocational, Technical Entrepreneurship College (IV-TEC), five General Hospitals (Renovation), Kwasu Engineering Complex, and the Geri-Alimi Diamond Underpass to mention a few. I must also add that these projects are widely and evenly spread across the state.

The question of high rate unemployment raised is a national issue. The Kwara State Government is doing everything possible to reduce state unemployment by keeping the youths busy through Agric empowerment scheme and loans made available for small and medium enterprises.

The N-Power project is an initiative of the Federal Government and I see nothing bad if the Governor acknowledged that many kwarans benefitted from the program.
The masses (Kwarans) must know that the government is their friend. The former Governor, Bukola Saraki, and the present, Abdulfatai Ahmed are pro-masses leaders and will do anything to make sure they always dance to the tune of the masses.
For someone to say indirectly that Kwarans are fools is a slap on our face and ridicule to our persons.

This state will only move forward if we join hands with the government and shun distractions from opposition elements.
God Bless Kwarans.