As Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq propaganda agents mobilize ahead of polls, Kwara under siege again

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq


Dare Babatunde

Propaganda has been a tool used by monarchs, dictators, fascists, among others. Even Emperor Commodus of Rome embarked on massive propaganda and almost convinced himself that he was a god. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is not the first pretender in leadership and not the first to be a son of a noble man gone rogue. Emperor Commodus was the son of Marcus Aurelius, a great Caesar and Roman General, he expanded the empire. Commodus was as uninspiring as anything, jittery, coward, deceptive and visionless.

Commodus did manage to become an Emperor. He almost tamed Roman people by launching Gladiator games, for Roman people loved death than anything, but where the mistake lies for APC is that Kwarans are different. This time, truth will and must prevail, the assessment by Kwarans will not be subjected to manipulation, the monopoly of propaganda in 2019 must not be left to APC, it is now a job to protect the public.

While Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq just like Emperor Commodus will be quick to be forgotten, and Commodus died an undignified death unbefitting of his status, we do not wish Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq any evil, he shall live to see that day by God’s grace.

Kwarans must remember Usman Dan Fodio warnings on choice of leadership, he said “the death of a thousand good men is not as tragic as having an unfit man in a position of leadership.”

Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is unfit for leadership, not only has he been a Governor who fizzled out of national politics, his incompetence is unprecedented in the history of our state, his leadership and stay in power has been more catastrophic for us than any event in our shared union as people.

His media agents tried to save face by polluting the atmosphere with lies when it was obvious President Buhari wouldn’t be coming to Kwara State as there were no projects to be commissioned.

Mallam Rafiu Ajakaye says one thing with mouth, does another thing with his fingers. It is now few days to election and his principal is yet to commission any project despite raking in over five hundred billion naira in revenues. Is Kwara APC whining Kwarans?

From North to South, Abdulrahman will desperately seek votes but will struggle more than a child attempting to walk for the first time, Ilorin will disappoint him for they know Kwara has been under siege and the Governor has loaded billions of their money to a foreign country to complete a refinery that does not belong to Kwara State but himself.

Come to think of it, Kwara Mall, KWASU, Shonga Farm and hosts of other human capital investments Dr. Bukola Saraki is alleged of owning are built in Kwara, even when it has been proven over and over that they belong to Kwara State. Which investment has Abdulrahman done on behalf of Kwara people with over half a trillion in revenue within four years?

In fact, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is constructing a bridge with discounts in Tanke, which users will need to be panicking when it will collapse.

Now that it has dawned on Abdulrahman and his supporters that they have no project in four years, they are going berserk and aiming to hold Kwara under siege once more. Kwarans must resist and ask Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to come with his score card.

Those Kwarans are not the media agents of the Governor who are battling for survival, as they have no clear job other than that. They are the one laying a siege on our democracy with their fake news and propaganda.