Gov. AbdulRazaq has done so well that he is known as a silent achiever – Etsu Tsaragi

Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq’s re-election campaign received a huge boost on Wednesday when another first-class monarch declared himself the candidate of his community in the March 11 gubernatorial election.
Etsu Tsaragi Alhaji Aliyu Abdullahi Kpoto described the Governor as a silent achiever who has done so much for every section of the state in a way that has not been witnessed in recent times.

“We know what you are doing for us and sincerely appreciate you. Like I usually tell people, what we need to do on our part is to appreciate all your efforts, and the only way to do that is to massively vote for you and all the candidates of APC. It is not possible to have 100 percent votes in every election but I can assure you of a minimum of 70 percent vote,” the monarch said in his Palace amid dozens of his subjects that hosted the Governor on a courtesy visit.

“Some people of the other political parties are also struggling to earn our votes, but my people know what is good for them, and that is what they are doing by welcoming you specially.” the monarch said.

The courtesy visit was the Governor’s final engagement during his campaign trips in Kwara North’s Edu-Patigi axis, since he had to temporarily pause his public rallies in order to respect popular sentiment on cash scarcity and its effects on the people of the state.
According to the Etsu, the Governor has worked admirably in all sections of the state, notably in Tsaragi, and deserves a new mandate to finish his outstanding work.

“You don’t have issues in the Tsaragi Emirate. Having come closer to you and assessed your track records of achievements in the past years, I have been singing that AbdulRazaq must come for a second term, in shaa Allah. I am saying this not because you are here, my people can testify to this,” he added, raising the hands of the Governor before dozens of his powerful chiefs and subjects.

“All we need in government is progress and development, and that is what you have been pursuing with rigour. We really appreciate the sacrifice you have been making. You are such a governor in Nigeria that is not using an official car, because you said rather than living in comfort, you are ready to sacrifice for the well-being of the masses in the state.” he added.