N11.9b Audit Report is a strategy to divert people’s attention from Abdulrazaq’s Failure – Banu

*…Advises Abdulrazaq to conduct audit on N138million paid for 38 Transformers without due process.

Former commissioner for finance in Kwara state and chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, Honorable Ademola Nurudeen Banu has rubbished the N11.9b audit report being propagated by the incumbent apc government, describing it as an imaginary theatrical play which falls short of auditing etiquette and therefore not to be taken serious.

Governor Abdulrahaman had claimed he conducted a forensic audit into the state’s finances from 2011 to 2019 and that the report had indicted the past administration of M11.9billion which could not be accounted for .

Reacting via a Newtelegraphs interview which was closely monitored by this medium, Banu said the Governor is only interested in diverting public attention from his abysmal performance and inability to showcase any tangible project for about N500bn which his government has accessed since 2019.

The ex commissioner urged Mallam Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq to conduct audit report on N138million paid for 38 Transformers which was allegedly looted under him before coming up with frivolous report against past administration

Explaining further, the Fellow of chartered accountant noted that the said Audit Report failed technical auditing test which rendered it as mere waste of Taxpayer’s money.

He said a careful study of the Audit revealed that the report did not mention the nature of the transactions, audit tray, the approval authority, banks involved if any and accounts the N11.9b were transferred to. Banu submitted that M11.9billion is too large a fund to miss from government coffers without clear trace of approval authority, banking transaction and the destination.

Listing several financial misappropriations which had allegedly taken place under the apc-led administration, Banu said the Governor should be informed that Kwarans are waiting for the findings of the forensic audit on the following queries under his administration: Why was the N138 million released for the supply of transformers without following due process? What is the cost of renovating each classroom, locations and the number of classrooms renovated under the N14 billion UBEC fund?

What is the excess of N1.5 billion monthly in the , Local Government’s (JAAC) account being used for? What was the N18.6 billion infrastructural fund used for? Why was part of the bond proceeds amounting to N17.9 billion which cost the State government an interest of N3 billion annually kept in the bank and who is collecting the interest on this idle fund? What happened to the query the former Auditor General raised concerning the N6.2billion expenditure without receipts? How was the almost half a trillion naira accrued to the state government since the assumption of office of the present administration expended without any landmark project?