Outgoing Governor Abdulrahman’s Effect: Blemishes All Over Our Roads While A Roundabout Wears Multimillion Naira Look

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq


Olota Abdulsomad

In our society, we all decried parents who appear in extravagant wears in the public while their children move around wearing rags. The state of roads in Kwara State is of no difference where the commuters and passengers move around in distress and a Roundabout is putting on a multimillions look.

Abdulrahman’s willingness to bend over backwards just to blandish Kwarans into voting him after his woeful performance barely four years in office as Kwara’s Governor is laughable. He engages in actions and acts that insult our sensibility as people.

The new look at Adeta and that of Pakata roundabouts is just like a player showboating while his team is losing, it is absolutely barking up the wrong tree. Of what essence is designing a roundabout when the roads surrounding it wear ugly look?

Governor AA should adjust accordingly to standards and norms rather being obsessed with tricking and taming such a large population of Kwarans. Especially, before his late becomes too late for good people of Kwarans to remember his name for consequential conversation, because it is obviously late for all these granfallon to get him reelected.

A few minutes tour around Ilorin metropolis will force one to shake head for the state in which our roads are: potholes to the point of becoming a competition within Ilorin, uncompleted roads in all local government, wards and every community. An imaginary world Abdulrahman is trying to create few weeks to election doesn’t relate with our reality, hence, it is an absolute fraud!

It is gladding to have more of such beautiful look within the state capital but who is a chief that wears Mosaji (King’s attire) deceiving and showing off to while he has nothing in his stomach? It is just about time before such chief become dizzy, lightheaded, headachy, irritable or unable to focus or concentrate, and if not rescued, the tissue will then breakdown, shut down the digestive system and eventually lose his life. Kwara State indeed is calling for a rescue from the hand of incognizant people before it eventually loses its life, which Kwarans shall not allow to happen.

The circulated pictures of the Roundabouts were part of what triggered my curiosity to visit the two sites and see for myself, but it turns out to be another confirmation of the assumed clueless of Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq. Remember that the media space was congested when the news of Abdulrahman led administration renovated a school for about 400 million Naira and a fence for 62 million Naira breaks out? That same renovated fence at the Government High School, has now been naturally repainted with dust and filth from the road Abdulrahman suddenly deemed fit to reconstruct a year to election and it is disturbing that the same road has been completed. the fence has also been reduced to nothing but a mere wall for politicians to paste their posters. What’s more veracious about this is that, it further confirmed Abdurahman’s lack of vision and direction for Kwara. Or, who paints a house before covering it with a roof? Maybe a person with Abdulrahman’s credential in mediocrity.

If at all, Abdurahman has a clearer vision of what he wants to do as Kwara State Governor, would he not have foreseen that, it would be proper to construct the road before splurging 60 million Naira on a fence? People at his beck and call now parade his mediocrity as Midas touch, bold of them to think Kwara people are not aware that the story of Midas’ ability to turn things into gold by simply touching them was an illusion. Midas touch was never real and so is the imaginary picture they’re trying to make of Abdulrahman in the mind of Kwarans as against our reality. Abdurahman should cut the chase and bury his head in shame because Kwarans will not in anyway subscribe to his mediocrity again.

The good people of Kwara are once again charged to see Abdurahman’s Crow as Crow regardless of the number of Peacock’s feathers he’s adding to its own. He should not be mistaken for a Peacock through scheming to cajole them into entering another four years of one chance, excuses by playing blame-game and four years of another maladministration. He has lost the mandate after three years and no amount of granfalloon can save him as Kwarans choice to send a mediocre out of the state affairs has already been made.

Olota writes from Ilorin.