VIDEO:Taxi driver crashes into police car to get attention and escape kidnapping.

According to recent reports, a taxi driver resorted to a daring move to escape from a kidnapping attempt. In a desperate attempt to attract attention and seek help, the taxi driver crashed into a nearby police car. The incident happened in a busy street, where the driver had picked up a passenger who had initially appeared to be a regular customer.

However, shortly after the journey began, the passenger’s behavior turned suspicious, and the driver began to feel uneasy. Sensing danger, the driver started to drive erratically to attract attention, but to no avail. Feeling cornered and fearing for his safety, the taxi driver then decided to take matters into his own hands and crashed into a police car nearby.

The impact of the collision was significant, and it attracted the attention of the police officers in the area. The officers immediately rushed to the scene and apprehended the alleged kidnapper. Meanwhile, the taxi driver was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries sustained during the collision.

It is not yet clear what the motive behind the kidnapping attempt was or how the situation could have escalated had the taxi driver not taken such a daring action. Nevertheless, the driver’s quick thinking and bravery undoubtedly helped him escape from the kidnapper’s clutches and ensured that justice was served.