Another Video: Italian Mob Boss Escapes from prison with Rope In US | Marco Raduano

Full Video of Mob Boss escaping from prison with Rope | Prison Break

An Italian mob boss in the US used a homemade bedsheet rope to escape from his maximum security cell. Authorities are investigating the security lapse that allowed the mob boss to flee, but he is still at large.

In August 2018, Raduano, who is between the ages of 39 and 40, was convicted of drug trafficking and given a 19-year prison term. His escape went unreported for two hours, according to the Italian news agency ANSA.

A bedsheet rope was used by the prisoner to gently ascend the wall in the video before he ultimately leaped to the floor.

He immediately got to his feet and started running toward the opposite side of the street, then he disappeared from view.

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According to, Budget cuts had meant only 50 guards were tasked with watching the compound’s 180 prisoners, many of whom are some of Italy’s most notorious mafiosi and hitmen, the outlet said.

The mob boss was reportedly said to be a model prisoner who had used his job on an upper-floor library to study the schedules of guards who patrolled the facility, and timed his escape accordingly.

When Raduano broke free, there were fireworks in his hometown of Vieste, which prompted the mayor to deny that the event was related to the prison break in a statement.

He was reported to have made his way to freedom in the tiny city of Nuoro in the Mediterranean off the coast of mainland Italy.

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