FULL VIDEO: Man found $120K worth of cocaine in his tire after Blowout

After his tire blew out on an expressway, a man discovered numerous pieces of cocaine duct taped inside, reportedly worth $120,000. He even posted about it on TikTok.

The caption on the video reads: “we found dr*gs inside my tire and called the police” as the footage shows bags duct taped to the inside of the said tire.

The man most likely pulled over on an expressway to change a flat tire before discovering a package containing an illegal narcotic.

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Users flocked to the reply section under the Tweet with a wide array of reactions to the video. Some joked that the cocaine could have been sold for profit to fix the car.

Several people made fun of the idea of storing or selling the pills, claiming that it would be unlawful and exceedingly dangerous to do so.

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