Photos & Video: Chatsworth businessman, Brandon Kalicharan Puff, and wife, Jeconiah Pillay, shot dead in Durban

Photos & Video: Chatsworth businessman, Brandon Kalicharan Puff, and wife, Jeconiah Pillay, shot dead in Durban

The guy who was fatally shot in what seemed to be a drive-by shooting along with his wife and daughter, age nine, were allegedly involved in narcotics and gang-related operations in Chatsworth.

They were “sprayed with high calibre bullets,” according to the paramedics who responded to the scene.

The truck was covered in bullets, as seen in video taken there.

The family’s Volkswagen Amarok was hit from both sides by more than 50 rounds of high-caliber bullets.

He was also a well-known underworld figure in Durban, running the 11th Street Gang, which was named after the Chatsworth neighborhood where he was raised. He established his drug distribution business by waging a bloody war on the streets of Chatsworth and eliminating his rivals in drive-by shootings.

According to observers, the secret to his success was developing relationships with street gangs all throughout Durban, especially the dreaded Cartel Gang in Wentworth. His wife Joelene Naidoo-Kalicharan, who adopted the lifestyle and was renowned for her upscale fashion and jewelry tastes, was by his side at all times.

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According to, Brandon and Joelene were both declared dead on the scene, while their critically injured daughter (9) was rushed to a nearby hospital. She died on arrival at the hospital.

According to Emer-G-Med spokesperson Kyle van Reenen, the little girl died on arrival at the hospital.

Emergency services responded to the scene at approximately 14h30 on Tuesday on Peters Road in Springfield Park.

According to media reports Kalicharan was charged for the alleged 2008 murder of Gerald Arumugan, believed to have been part of a gang known as the Dre-Boys.

Arumugan was killed in a drive-by shooting in Chatsworth.