Raining Worms In China Video

Raining Worms In China

Mystery as worm-like creatures fall from the skies in China. The internet has been astonished by raining worms in China of what looks to be worms dropping from the sky, but everything is not as it appears.

The video shows cars coated with worm-like creatures after heavy rain in China.

Residents in the Chinese province of Liaoning were allegedly instructed to seek cover after seeing strange phenomena in which worm-like animals or objects dropped from the sky.

What appeared to be earthworms were spotted dispersed all over automobiles and the streets of Liaoning in a viral video clip.

Persons strolling on the streets were observed with umbrellas to shield themselves from the “worm rain”.

The most plausible explanation for the occurrence, according to the scientific journal Mother Nature Network, is that they were whisked up by strong winds and subsequently dumped around the city.

This happens when insects become entangled in a vortex during a storm, according to the journal.

Raining Worms In China
Raining Worms In China

The footage, which was uploaded by Insider Paper, depicted clusters of worm-like dirty brown organisms all over automobiles stopped beside Beijing roadways.

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According to the story, individuals were spotted clutching umbrellas to protect themselves from worms dropping from the sky.

Speculated Cause

The cause of the “worm rain” is unknown, but the scientific journal Mother Nature Network says that the slimy animals were dumped after being whisked up by strong winds, according to the New York Post.

According to some tales, similar phenomena may be caused by storms when insects become entangled in a whirlpool.

However, specialists said everything appears to imply that an uncommon occurrence occurred as a result of the winds and storms recorded in the Asian area.

Based on theories, huge storms might attract worms to the inhabitants, stranding them in the Chinese city and causing it to rain.