Salaudeen Chides Governor AA on his brief message

Dear Governor AA,

I want to urge Your Excellency to keep dispensing Tax payers’ money to prosecute your second term project because you know it yourself that there are no achievements that your government can showcase to win people’s heart to your side.

What you’re banking on is financial inducement of the electorate and members of the opposition parties. But let me tell you for free that 75% of those that have collected your money in the guise of defection are fake decampees that prefer to follow Bukola Saraki of PDP.

You claimed that there is no money to pay arrears of Local Government employees and that of SUBEB TEACHERS but you have more than enough money of tax payers to prosecute you re-election. Kwarans are aware of how you’ve been lavishing their money to protect your own interests. The day of reckoning is near.

Babatunde Salaudeen, Ilorin.