Serbian dancing lady

TikTok has various dances, the most recent of which is not your normal viral hip-hop routine, but a Serbian dancing lady.

Instead of marvelling at Charli D’amelio swaying to Chris Brown, users are instead gawking in fright at a “Serbian dancing lady” on the street late at night.

A video of the disturbing image has gone viral on social media, sparking infinite parodies and the expected keyboard sleuths. While some may find it scary, others may find it amusing.

People are horrified when an ominous figure was seen dancing on the street and shared to the app. They are attempting to figure out who the woman is and whether she is genuine or a ghost.

The video was shared in February by @aatc13, an account with no bio.

“Be cautious gentlemen,” they captioned the film, which was recorded from a window into a residential street, along with the hashtags “#dancingladyserbia” and “#horror.”

Their video has been seen over 77.4 million times and has received over 6.4 million likes and 150,000 comments.

serbian dancing lady
Serbian dancing lady

According to some eyewitnesses, the Serbian Dancing Woman is an unknown woman who performs nighttime dances at junctions and streets. She goes after anybody she hears or sees. When she assaults, she wields a knife.

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TikTok users, on the other hand, are concerned. “Is this the genuine lady?” And if she is, I will never sleep again, guy,” one stated. “This is terrifying,” said another. “And the cops will do nothing?” said another.

As previously said, other people claimed that if you saw the video, the woman will ultimately hunt you down, making it extremely terrifying for some. Nevertheless, that is simply comments scaring each other further.

Others want to see the video with alternative tunes overlaid to “totally change the feel” and make it more amusing. Yet, we have yet to stumble across those.

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