Video: Man obtains crime records of Nigerian president-elect, Tinubu from a US court

Amidst the hullabaloo of the alleged drug deals of the Nigeria president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a US based Nigerian activist has claimed to have obtained a classified document indicting Tinubu.

He flashed the document via a video posted on social and dare the supporters of the president-elect to counter his claims.

The document was said to have been obtained from a United States District Court, Illinios.

The video has gained various traction with many comments attached to it.

“This is about 70-page full document that contains everything about ‘Bala-blue” he said.

He also revealed that the document contains records of drug dealings and other controversies about Tinubu.

“It contains documents of his drug dealings, the lies he told, why his money was seized.”

“They seized 460,000 dollars from him. It wasn’t a plea bargain, it was seized with other things.”

“It is not an online copy, it is a hard copy. I have it.” he added.

While saying this a lady interluded in the background: “It is not from Nigeria, it is straight from United States.” She added.

Bola Tinubu has faced serial condemnation after been announced as the president-elect few weeks ago.

Recall, Kwaralefro had posted earlier how the US condemned the election that made Tinubu emerged as president-elect.

US releases documents indicting Tinubu

Tinubu Drug Deal Document: Reactions on Social Media

There has been various backlashes since Tinubu emergence. Some hash tag like #TinubuTheDrugLord and #TinubuforPrison has maintained the lead on trending keywords for the micro-blogging social media platform, Twitter.

“He is not talking anymore, this one struck him so bad, he knew that the game is up, those defending the defendless are all quiet, they didn’t see it coming.

Tinubu drug deal document
Tinubu drug deal document

“If Peter Obi had rely on only election fraud, I bet you with Nigeria judicial system, he’s not going anywhere and we will be ruled by a convicted drug barons and it will go down the history.

“We’re waiting and watching, no hiding place again for him and his cohort”. a comment reads.