VIDEO: 50 Cent’s dog refuses to admit after eating dumbbell weights at gym

A video of 50 Cent’s dog not admitting to eating a dumb bell weights at the gym has gone viral.

When 50 Cent approaches his dog, the dog doesn’t even bother to sniff the item. He instead turns his gaze away from the site of the crime. The dog’s unwillingness to even consider the weight is an evident indication of guilt. The sad puppy hasn’t yet apologized for his behavior, though.

In his Instagram post, 50 Cent writes, “Yo. Look how he look away LOL he know what he did.”

50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, was raised in South Jamaica, a section of Queens, a borough of New York City. In addition to being a rough area plagued by gang violence, it is also the birthplace of several rappers, notably Salt N’ Pepa and LL Cool J (1968-). At the moment he was born, Fifty Cent has lived in a violent world.

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50 Cent’s net worth reportedly reached its high in 2015 when he was listed as being worth $155 million on Forbes’ annual list of Hip-Wealthiest Hop’s Musicians. But a protracted court dispute reportedly caused his net worth to drop by about $200 million, declaring him legally insolvent. According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, 50 Cent is worth $20 million right now.

Several supporters are in favor of 50 Cent’s dog despite the overwhelming evidence against him. According to some, the dog is merely scanning the area to determine who actually committed the crime.

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