VIDEO: A homophobic woman, Cassie Urry and Lorrin Skrbec, in Miami, FL harasses a l*sbi*n couple and accuses them of touching children

An Ohio couple responded to a trending TikTok video that showed a woman ranting homophobically at them at a Miami Starbucks.

The event happened on March 6 at a Starbucks in Miami, Florida, near the intersection of Coral Way and 27th Avenue, while couple Cassie Urry and Lorrin Skrbec were getting their morning brew. They recorded it and posted the footage online.

According to, Skrbec told local television station WTVJ, “It was a lot, like, I’ve never had anyone speak to me that way,” “So it was extremely surprising.”

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“We just tried to stay calm because there was no point in escalating with her,” Urry said.

The blonde female who is wearing spectacles and a lime green clothing in the video with the caption “Karen in the wild” glares at the camera.

On her TikTok, Urry posted the exchange, which in just two days had over 470,000 likes and close to 19,000 comments. Also, the video was released on Twitter, where it received over 4.6 million views.