Video: US condemns Nigeria INEC Election, as Biden refuses to congratulate Tinubu

nigerian presidential elections

… “Prove that the results you declared were correct and true or set it aside” US tells INEC

The United States government has rejected and condemned the just concluded Nigeria general election conducted by the country’s Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

According to a speech at National Press Club (United States), the election was marred of numerous irregularities, rigging and vote buying.

“INEC has to prove the result. Show me your math, we’ve all gone to school. You’ve got a number, there must be a way you arrive at the number.” the statement said.

“There can be no debate, the initial investigation indicates rules were savaged. The rights of the electorates were savaged.”

It was polluted by blazing light of corruption. They were honest to screw the result.

We call on the people of Nigeria to act peacefully, but to demand that prove should be provided to them.

INEC should prove the result they’ve announced.” the statement added.

Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu

US has urged the international community to join hands with the Nigerian judiciary in a consolidated effort to condemn the hastily announced result.

US has urged INEC to open the curtain and let the full light of truth come in.

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Recall, INEC has announced a two-term governor of Lagos state and the national leader of the ruling party All Progressive Congress (APC) Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu as the president-elect.

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