VIRAL TAPE: TikTokers, Zizou et Ania Allegedly Gone Viral

An online video has gone viral, purporting to be the Zizou et Ania tape.

Many online fans follow Zizou et Ania, a popular Tiktoker. However, it has not been confirmed whether it is indeed Zizou et Ania as they have not yet responded to inquiries as of the time of this story.

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Also in another news, India Royale has gone viral on social media after a sip from her dress in nip sip wardrobe malfunction during Instagram live on her birthday

The romance between Lil Durk and India Royale has recently caused a fan frenzy after Royale claimed she was single on social media.

Their four-year-old daughter Willow Banks is one of two. They got engaged in 2021, however their engagement broke off in September 2022 due to rumors of infidelity.

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