‘Yoruba Lo Kan’, Tinubu’s Victory And The Lesson For Kwara North

nigerian presidential elections


Olota Abdulsomad

Prior to 2022, the world was not oblivious to the avowed marginalization of the Kwara North and their agitation for equal democratic opportunity as enjoyed by other districts. 2022 going forward, the world started paying absolute attention to the event unfolding particularly in Kwara North, whether the good people of Kwara North will allow their story to be as inspiring as that of President Roosevelt people who supported him to become one of the most successful world leaders even as a person with disability; or they will allow their story to be adjoined with that of a young man who misses an opportunity to marry thinking that the best catch is yet to come and never get to marry again in his lifetime.

It was a young man who intends to get marry to a beautiful daughter of a farmer. The farmer agreed to give out his daughter on one condition. The farmer said, “Son, go out there and stand on the field, I’m going to release three bulls, one at a time and you’ve to grab tail of any of the tree bulls. If you can catch one tail of any of the three, you can marry my daughter”. The young man stood on the field waiting for the bulls to be released.

The barn was opened and came out was one of the biggest bulls he had ever seen in his life. So, he let it go and decided to wait for the second bull. Again, the barn was opened and this time, the bull was bigger and more fierce than the first one. He let the second one go again. For the last time, the barn was opened and came out this time around was a small bull who appeared to be the weakest he had ever seen, the young man smiled and jumped at the exact movement of the bull and threw his hands to grab the tail but to his surprise, this bull had NO tail. For missing the first chance, the second one became more difficult and the last one was not even an option. He lost his chance to marry and was traumatized to the extent of never getting to marry again in his lifetime. Will Kwara Northerners miss their chance for what is yet to come like the young man? The world is truly watching!

In the just concluded election, we witnessed the most ethnically tensed election in Nigerian history and the one who believed “it’s their turn” without minding the process was declared winner of the presidential election. The westerners overwhelmingly voted for Bola Ahmed Tinubu because of nothing but ‘Yoruba lokan’ cliche. If it was Yoruba’s turn because it has been long Nigeria has a Yoruba Presidency, why can’t it be Kwara North’s turn when you have never produced a governor since the return of democracy in the year 1999?

Average Yoruba man believes it was either now or never because they understood the concept of not giving out what they hold on their palm for a future promise that is susceptible to change. This is why “awa lokan” agenda was not compromised across board and this is what Kwara North must learn, should they want to be taken serious.

Just like the Northern part of the country offered support for ‘Yoruba Lo Kan’ agenda, Kwara Southerners and people of Kwara central are offering the same support to Kwara North agenda, but what would you have Kwara South and Kwara Central do when Kwara North is selling out their own?

As circulated, you (Kwara northerners) might be promised a gubernatorial ticket come 2027. Don’t be tricked, Kwara South equally have the same right as you and are allegedly promised the same thing. Let alone having personalities like, Saliu Mustapha and Sheriff Shagaya who nurture the ambition of taking over from GAA, to contest with. It’s not impossible that, Kwara North eventually lose the ticket to a candidate from the Central again. The world will mock you (Kwara North) for it.

However, it’s also important to check the history of those who are promising you today, have they kept promises they made to their political allies yesterday? If yes, where’s Oloriegbe today, Cook Olododo, Lai Mohammed, Saheed Popoola, Esinrogunjo and co? These are people known for betrayal, backstabbing and jittery.

Conclusively, the reality of every Kwara Northerner today is that, you’ve a gubernatorial candidate; you’ve a chance to change your story; there’s opportunity in front of you today to produce the next governor of Kwara State. Dear Kwara Northerners, do not trade your reality for a promise which can be broken anytime. If you do it now, every other district will have the aura that you’ll do it again which will make it difficult for any strong political party to concede its ticket to your region again, after all, it won’t be your first time selling out your very own.

This is an heartfelt message to you, my brothers and sisters from the northern district of our dear state, Kwara.

Olota writes from Oke-Oyi, Ilorin East, Kwara State.