26-year-old actress and model Jung Chae-yul discovered deceased in her residence in South Korea.

On April 11th, the South Korean entertainment industry was saddened by the news of Jung Chae-yul’s sudden and unexpected death. The 26-year-old actress and model was found deceased in her home. Her agency, Management S Team, released a statement expressing their heartbreak and informing the public of her passing.

“We have to deliver very heartbreaking and unfortunate news. Actress Chae-yul left us on April 11th,” the statement read, as reported by MK News. “According to the wishes of the bereaved family, who are in greater sorrow than anyone else, the funeral will be held quietly and privately.”

The agency also urged people to refrain from spreading rumors and speculative reports about the cause of her death, as a cause is yet to be announced.

Jung Chae-yul was best known for her role in the Netflix series “Zombie Detective.” She also appeared in K-drama series “I Have Not Done My Best” and the film “Deep,” which was released in 2018. She was set to appear in the upcoming TV series “Wedding Impossible,” which has halted production in light of the news.

The CEO of Management S Team was tearfully interviewed on OSEN in the wake of Chae-yul’s death. He spoke highly of her talent and personality, saying, “Our Chae-Yul was very hardworking. She was a deep-hearted and cool friend. In my opinion, it is hard to describe in words how amazing she was as an actress.”

Fans of Jung Chae-yul have also been expressing their sorrow and sharing tributes to the late actress on her Instagram page. The news of her sudden passing has shocked and saddened many, and her presence in the entertainment industry will be deeply missed.