Full Video: Pizza Delivery Guy Stops Fleeing Suspect From Police

Pizza Delivery Guy Trips Fleeing Suspect From Police

After being captured on camera tripping a fleeing suspect while on the job, a Pennsylvania pizza delivery man gained notoriety for aiding law enforcement in fighting crime.

“A car just came up doing like 75,” Morell said. “He beached on the side of this person’s lawn and almost took out a couple of cars.”

“I started walking towards the road, but I couldn’t do anything with my hands because I’m holding the pizza, so I just stuck my leg out,” Morell said.

The calm Tyler Morrell, 29, of Delaware County, can be seen on doorbell camera footage stopping the culprit as he tries to escape the police.

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In Middletown Township, Pennsylvania, the delivery man arrives to a customer’s front door before being sidetracked by the sound of a car coming up behind him.

According to KSL.com, Police praised Morell’s quick thinking. “He gave us the help we needed. By tripping him, it gave us the time to catch up with the gentleman,” said Brookhaven Chief of Police Michael Vice. “In this case, this guy ultimately saved the day.”

“I am so sick of seeing crime go on, especially half a mile down the road,” Morell said. “So if they needed a hand or a foot, I was there.”

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