Full Video: Primo slapped Uncle Vinny at a Club during a fight

Full Video: Primo slapped Uncle Vinny at a Club during a fight

A video going viral online showed Primo and uncle Vinny having a tough argument which later escalated.

Primo gave Uncle Vinny a hot slap before he departed the scene for talking out of turn.

Because to his unrivaled creative and entertainment abilities, Uncle Vinny, a South African celebrity, has a large fan base.

He participated in community theater from fourth through seventh grades. Uncle Vinny’s parents clashed with his mother about how much time he spent at the theater, but his father supported it since it was a secure environment that kept Kabelo off the risky streets.

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Some social media users have reacted to this;

Khumi Phoko

I actually don’t like Uncle Vinny. I don’t know who he thinks he. He’s so disrespectful and looks down on others. I won’t forget my encounter with him and I’m just asking myself how many other people he’s done that to as well.


Uncle Vinny after being slapped in front of phamb’kwe bitches. 😪😭


That video of Uncle Vinny getting slapped by another guy at Zanzou, infront of the baddies 😭😭

This wasn’t a “let’s fight” slap it was a “you’re still a child” slap😭😂😂😭😭😭

Tiyii wa LEPYATLA🦋

I’m convinced uncle Vinny provoked Primo😭 “ba mo clapile eh ehh”⚰️

Video Here