Photos : Gambian 419 pastor Owen Abraham runs away with 52 phones & Money after crusade in Ibadan

Photos : Gambian 419 pastor Owen Abraham runs away with 52 phones & Money after crusade in Ibadan

A pastor named Dr. Owen Abraham is suspected of fleeing with 52 cellphones, cash, and other valuables from worshipers who came to a crusade he organized at Aponrin in the Agbowo neighborhood of Ibadan, Oyo State.

Abraham stated that the Holy Spirit told him to tell people to turn in their phones and valuables on the third and last day of the crusade, but he afterwards made off with it.

According to, The victims said Abraham, who lured them into three days fasting and prayer, was nowhere to be found on the last day of the crusade, as all efforts to reach him proved abortive.

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“The pastor approached an Igbo lady in our area to assist him to gather widows and students, saying he wanted to help us.

“Someone in my area invited me for the crusade. He wore pastor regalia. He said he will buy a house for one of us and that the house will be fully furnished.

“He promised some people that attended the crusade money. Even politicians cannot give out such amounts he promised.

“On the last day of the crusade, he sold a bottle of water for us at the rate of N4,800. He said perfume is inside the bottle water. Many people paid for the water,” one of the victims identified as Mrs Grace Akintola told Vanguard.

Abraham is currently searched for by locals, who have put up posters with his name and image and distributed them to try to find him.