Teacher Involved in Phone Dispute With Student Resigns Permanently From Teaching

Teacher Involved in Phone Dispute With Student Resigns Permanently From Teaching

A substitute teacher named Xaviera Steele has resigned from her teaching career after being involved in a physical altercation with a student over a confiscated phone. The incident occurred on April 17 and a video of the fight was uploaded to Twitter, which quickly went viral. The footage showed Steele and the student engaging in a physical fight, with the teacher ultimately restraining the student and calling for help from another teacher.

After the incident, Steele decided to resign from teaching permanently, citing concerns about the safety and security of her job. She also addressed suggestions made by people in the comments section of the viral video, stating that she had no intention of pursuing a career on OnlyFans. She went on to say that she had grown up in church and that such a career move was “out of the question.”

In a separate video posted on social media, Steele defended her actions, stating that in her 22-year teaching career, she had never been attacked by a student like that before. She claimed that the student had “attacked [her] and went for blood.” Steele also revealed that there have been several incidents of violence at the school in recent months, including a teacher having a gun pulled on her and two others being knocked out by students.

The incident has received mixed reactions from the public, with some defending Steele’s actions and others supporting the student. However, many people were distracted by the teacher’s backside, which was exposed during the fight. Despite the attention she received, Steele has chosen to leave the teaching profession for good, stating that she cannot risk her life or livelihood any further.

This incident highlights the ongoing challenges and risks that teachers face in today’s society, especially in schools where violence and aggression are prevalent. While the actions of the student were unacceptable, it is important to remember that teachers are responsible for the safety and well-being of their students and themselves. It is a difficult and demanding job, and incidents like these serve as a reminder of the need for increased support and resources for teachers, as well as a greater focus on addressing issues of violence and aggression in schools.