Thabo Video Update: Dr. Nandipha purchased a luxury vehicle last year for R1.3 million, later abandoned it At Zimbabwean border

It is claimed that Dr. Nandipha, the girlfriend of Thabo Bester, drove her R1.3 million car across the border and left it there. The unknown person who left her owing R700k on the car is being looked into by the police as well.

However, the same car was abandoned on Zimbabwe’s border, but when questioned by private investigators from the dealership a month earlier, Nandipha wouldn’t identify the driver. The two lovers fled the country and are currently impossible to locate or track.

The prison’s operating security company, G4S, also declined to participate at the parliamentary briefing on Thabo Bester’s escape from Mangaung Correctional Center, which was scheduled for Tuesday. Bester broke out of jail on May 3, 2022.

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Members of the committee expressed their displeasure with G4S and claimed that the company had treated them disrespectfully. The committee decided to postpone the meeting and call G4S to come before them as soon as feasible.

“Accountability to Parliament is not optional. That is what they must know,” said Magwanishe. “We thought that we were going to have an open, honest discussion about what has happened. All stakeholders are here except them.”

Video here