WATCH VIDEO : Actress Empress Njamah’s ex-boyfriend arrested months after he leaked multiple videos of her

Recently, the news of the arrest of Josh Wade, the ex-boyfriend of popular Nigerian actress Empress Njamah, has been circulating online. The Liberian man was arrested several months after he leaked multiple  videos of the actress online. It was reported that Wade had fled the country after the scandal broke out, but he was eventually caught by security operatives.

The incident occurred when Wade gained access to Empress Njamah’s life during a vulnerable time, which was after the death of popular actress Ada Ameh. He allegedly took advantage of her vulnerability and began to dupe and blackmail her. In an interview with a news outlet, Empress revealed that Wade had a video of her, but claimed that he was the one in the video with her and not another man, as he had alleged. She further explained that Wade had filmed the video in her house without her knowledge but hid his face.

The actress also made allegations of physical abuse and assault against Wade, stating that she was his victim until she was finally able to gather the courage to leave him. According to her, the Department of State Services (DSS) got involved because Wade, who is a Liberian national, allegedly targeted other Nigerian women whom he perceived as wealthy.

The video of Josh Wade being led out of his hiding place by security operatives has been making rounds on social media, and it is a relief to many that he has been brought to justice. The arrest of the perpetrator shows that justice can be served in such cases, and it serves as a warning to others who might want to engage in similar acts of blackmail and abuse.

In conclusion, the arrest of Josh Wade after months of being on the run following the viral videos of Empress Njamah is a positive development, and it will hopefully deter others from engaging in similar acts. The case also highlights the importance of seeking help and speaking out when faced with such situations.