Video: Woman goes viral for setting wedding dress on fire in “divorce photoshoot

Lauren Brooke, a North Carolina mother of two, recently made headlines after a TikTok video of her burning her wedding dress went viral. In the video, which has attracted over 6 million views, Brooke sets her wedding dress on fire in a symbolic act of moving on from her divorce. However, the video has also sparked controversy and criticism.

Brooke, who requested that her middle name be used in this article for the safety of her family, has faced backlash for the video, with some calling her attention-seeking and narcissistic. In response, Brooke has stated that the video was not meant to celebrate her divorce but rather to celebrate her survival of it.

Brooke, now 31 years old, met her former husband when they were both attending the same Baptist church as teenagers. The couple tied the knot in October 2012, but their marriage began to deteriorate over time, partially due to the demands of her husband’s job in the Army National Guard.

As a military wife, Brooke faced various challenges, and the pressures of her husband’s job put a significant strain on their marriage. Ultimately, the couple decided to get a divorce, and Brooke’s burning of her wedding dress was meant to symbolize the end of that chapter in her life.

While some have criticized Brooke for her actions, others have applauded her for taking control of her own narrative and finding closure in her own way. Despite the controversy, Brooke has remained steadfast in her belief that the video was an act of self-empowerment and a celebration of her resilience.