BBC Interview: Nigerian-UK Immigrant, Tiamiyu exposes secrets how Nigerians escape to UK (Video)

Tiamiyu BBC Interview

A Nigeria-born United Kingdom Immigrant, Emdee Tiamiyu has exposed how his fellow Nigerians flew the country to the United Kingdom in the quest to seek better lives.

Tiamiyu made this revelation in a viral video of his interview with the British Broadcast Corporation, BBC. Tiamiyu disclosed that most Nigerian youths enter the UK via educational route.

He revealed that Nigerian youths secure VISA by applying for postgraduate programmes at UK’s universities which they never return back to the country after their programmes.

“The Student thing is not real, It is not like they need a degree. They needed the degree as an access route to come into the country. It is not really about the education.” Tiamiyu said.

“Nigeria has a word for what is going on here, ‘JAPA’ means escape. Do whatever it takes to leave Nigeria and start a new life somewhere more prosperous.” the British interviewer said in a closing remark.

Tiamiyu interview has stirred up the internet with various banters and insults sprouting about it.

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Mathias Ssemanda @MathiasSsemanda reacted on Twitter:
“Stop harassing this young man and fix Nigeria. Also, the United Kingdom has since 2006 been implementing racist and discriminatory immigration reforms including the ban of birth right citizenship in early 2000s.

“You can’t squarely blame this young man.

“The reforms were in the pipeline.

“BBC just used him as an appropriate guest.”

“Thank you sir for ur understanding I don’t know why they keep insulting the guy why can’t they join hands together and let fight the bad Government here and make Nigeria 🇳🇬 great and good I love the

way the guy come out and talk everybody want too leave there country and run.” @Toyosialimi6 also said.

“This is the man that has destroyed the hope of millions of young Nigerians in this generation and generation unborn by revealing the means they use to escape poverty, oppression and hardship in

Nigeria. He is domiciled in UK.” @drpenking added.

Watch Video Full BBC Interview here

Tiamiyu Apologises

Emdee Tiamiyu, a Nigerian YouTuber, has apologized for his comments against Nigerian students studying in the United Kingdom in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Following the outrage he received after the interview, the YouTuber issued an apology in a video posted on his YouTube account on Wednesday.

Tiamiyu, who is well-known for counseling Nigerians on studying in the United Kingdom, stated that many of them were not searching for new degrees, but rather to begin a new life overseas.

In a video he uploaded on Wednesday morning, he apologized and stated that he granted the interview to discuss the true difficulties that the black community faces.