Photos: Herbalist Used Pastor Kalejaye Ezekiel For Ritual When Seeking for spiritual powers

Photos: Herbalist Used Pastor Kalejaye Ezekiel For Ritual When Seeking for spiritual powers

Isiaka Ogunkoya, a herbalist who is 48 years old, was detained by the Osun State Police command for the murder of one Pastor named Kalejaye Ezekiel.
He said the human parts belonged to a pastor during a stop-and-search operation that led to his detention. He said point blank that he used him for rituals as he needed human being for a particular concotion he was caught with

The herbalist, 48, had confessed this when he had met his Nemesis on the road to the Isoyin district of the state.

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He narrated that ;

“I k#lled the pastor for rit¥als, needed to make use of a human during that period and the pastor came around. He told me he needed more spiritual powers so as to have more members to his church so | thought it was a good opportunity for me to make

use of the pastor for the rit¥als I’m supposed to do that time.

I gave him a s¥bstance to drink which he drank and slept off. So I b¥tch£red him and t%ok out his heart and intestines which i used to make a concoction.”