Video: Ukraine Forces Combat Operations of 128th Dnipro City Defense Brigade

Video: Ukraine Forces Combat Operations of 128th Dnipro City Defense Brigade

The 128th Dnipro City Defense Brigade has made video available of their combat operations close to the newly freed settlement of Rivnopil on the “Velyka Novosilka” Frontline.

In and around the town of P’yatykhatky, just east of the drained Kakhovka Reservoir, where five billion gallons of water emptied into the Dnipro River watershed after someone—apparently the Russians—blew up the nearby dam on June 6, the 128th Mountain Brigade of the Ukrainian army has been testing Russian defenses for nearly two weeks.

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Hanna Maliar, the deputy minister of defense, reported that Ukrainian forces had retaken Piatykhatky, a town on a heavily fortified section of the front line close to the shortest path to the nation’s coast along the Azov Sea.

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