Can Google Bard AI Rival Chat gpt ?

Can the fast-moving artificial intelligence technology be regulated

The rivalry between ChatGPT and Google Bard is a battle for the title of best large language model (LLM). Both models are capable of generating human-quality text, translating languages, writing different kinds of creative content, and answering your questions in an informative way. However, they have different strengths and weaknesses.

A large language model (LLM) is used by ChatGPT to generate phrases that resemble human responses, as opposed to typical search engines, which provide a list of links to websites that most nearly match a user’s query. It’s been compared as autocorrect.

Google has been at the vanguard of creating artificial intelligence for years, along with some of the biggest digital titans in the world, like Facebook, Amazon, Intel, and Apple. But as people started to take Google’s AI services seriously, OpenAI emerged from the shadows and took center stage.

ChatGPT stands out among OpenAI’s remarkable collection of AI tools as the one that debuted with the most impact. It soon attracted attention for its remarkable qualities, upending Google’s online domination to its very core.

However, for Google not to be late to the party, its AI team fast-tracked the development of their own AI language model. Hence, Google BARD was lauched in March 2023.

ChatGPT is known for its ability to generate creative and engaging text. It is also good at understanding and responding to complex questions. However, it can sometimes be inaccurate or biased in its responses.

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Google Bard is known for its accuracy and its ability to access and process information from the real world. It is also good at following instructions and generating text that is consistent with a given style or tone. However, it can sometimes be less creative than ChatGPT.

The Large Language Models (LLM) that ChatGPT and Google BARD use are what distinguish them most from one another.

While Google BARD relies on its custom Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA), OpenAI’s ChatGPT utilizes the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 (GPT-4).

Despite the fact that both have made notable mistakes, AI is constantly developing.

Artificial intelligence-generated synthetic data can be used to run simulations and train self-driving cars in the automotive sector. Medical professionals and researchers can use AI to evaluate photos to help with diagnosis, while scientists can use it to model protein sequences, find new molecules, or recommend novel medicine compounds to test.

Additionally, President Joe Biden warned science and technology experts that while AI may aid in combating disease and climate change, it was also crucial to address possible hazards to society, the economy, and national security.