Video: Student gunman kills three in Rotterdam university shooting

Video: Student gunman kills three in Rotterdam university shooting

Three people were killed, including a 14-year-old girl, when a lone shooter in a bulletproof vest opened fire in an apartment and a hospital on Thursday in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam.

A 39-year-old mother who lived in his neighborhood was shot dead, along with her 14-year-old daughter, by the 32-year-old suspect, a university student. Police say the girl passed away later in the hospital.
According to the report, the attacker attended Erasmus University, a school connected to the hospital.

The reasons for the attack were not immediately clear, despite video showing a guy wearing camouflage gear being led away from the hospital complex in handcuffs emerging.

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Rotterdam’s chief prosecutor Hugo Hillenaar said: “The suspect was known to law enforcement and in 2021 he was prosecuted and convicted for animal abuse.”

The shootings have sent shockwaves through Rotterdam and the Netherlands as a whole. The country has a strict gun control regime, and mass shootings are rare.

The Dutch government has pledged to do everything it can to investigate the shootings and to bring those responsible to justice. The government has also promised to review its safety measures for public places.

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