VIDEO: Tinubu makes historic visit to NASDAQ in US, rings closing bell


President Bola Tinubu rang the closing bell at NASDAQ in New York, United States, on Wednesday as part of the Executive Business Dialogue hosted by the United States Chamber of Commerce, Nigerian Exchange Group Plc, and Nigerian Investment Promotion Council.

The business talk is one of the events scheduled as part of the NGX Group’s Non-Deal Roadshow to assist the new administration’s attempts to rekindle foreign investor interest in the Nigerian economy.

The president also urged investors to set aside their concerns, assuring them that they are safe.

“It’s a great honour for me to be here. I am happy to bring Nigeria to your doorsteps and honoured that we’re here today with a bubbly market that will evolve [in] the West Africa sub-region,” he said.

“The greatest economy is Nigeria, there is an immense opportunity in Nigeria that you can invest your money without fear.


“We’ve removed a lot of bottlenecks and we’ve cleared subsidy that are corrupt. And we have also retooled the exchange rate to a reliable, dependable figure, floating up the exchange naira.

“You’re free to take in your money and bring out your money. I count on you to invest in Nigeria.”

Scott Eisner, head of the US-Africa Business Center, expressed confidence in the chambers’ new commercial relationships and partners.

Eisner stated that the chambers are excited about the opportunity to contribute to the future of the US-Nigeria relationship.


“At the chamber, we stand for small and medium-sized enterprises, the actual pillar of what Nigeria is built on,” he said.

“With the president’s vision and his compassion for those that are investing in his community, I think we share in a very bright future to achieve everything that he and our country have in the future.”

The Nigerian president has recently taken measures to enhance the investment climate for investors, delivering a clear statement to the global investing community that the country is open for business.

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The Nasdaq Stock Market (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations Stock Market) is a New York City-based American stock exchange. It is the most busy stock trading venue in the United States in terms of volume, and it ranks second in terms of market value of shares traded, trailing only the New York Stock Exchange. Nasdaq, Inc. controls the exchange platform as well as the Nasdaq Nordic stock market network and various stock and options exchanges in the United States.