Full video: Kevin Gates spat in the mouth of a pregnant lady on stage in virginia

Full video: Kevin Gates spat in the mouth of a pregnant lady on stage in virginia

Kevin Gates, a rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is known for his energetic live shows and close interaction with his fans. In a recent concert in Virginia, one fan took this interaction to a new level when she allowed Gates to spit in her mouth.

In a video clip that went viral on social media, Gates can be seen leaning over the fan and spitting directly into her mouth. The fan seems excited and happy, and she even gives Gates a kiss on the cheek afterwards.

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Some have condemned the incident, claiming that it was unsanitary and that Gates might have infected the fan. Some people have rationalized the incident by asserting that it was only a method for fans to express their support for their preferred musicians.

Gates didn’t comment directly on the incident. He’s got a long history of close contact with his fans, though. It was known that he had climbed up on the stage, hugged and kissed fans before. His personal items, such as those sunglasses and hats, were also known to be shared with his fans.