Full Video: Knife Man Stabbed a School Teacher and several others injured In France city of Arras

Full Video: Knife Man Stabbed a School Teacher and several others injured In France city of Arras

A knifeman attacked a school in the city of Arras in northern France on Friday, killing one teacher and injuring two others.

After visiting the school, Macron stated that two further victims of the attack had suffered critical injuries and were battling for their lives. He claimed that everyone who tried to stop the perpetrator, including the teacher who died, was struck.

The attack took place at the high school Gambetta in the northern city of Arras, according to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, at around 11:00 local time.

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Islamists have targeted France in a number of incidents over the years, the worst of which was in November 2015 when gunmen and suicide bombers simultaneously attacked cafes and entertainment places in Paris.

A Chechen teenager killed a teacher named Samuel Paty in 2020 as retaliation for him using drawings ridiculing the Prophet Mohammad in a class on free speech.

From the classroom windows, students recorded the knife attack. In the video, the assailant can be seen swinging a knife at individuals in the school’s parking lot.

‘The teacher who was killed had come forward to protect others and had without doubt saved many lives,’ said Macron.

According to news channel BFMTV, police have also arrested the attacker’s brother.

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