Video That Got Youtuber SSSniperwolf in Real Trouble

Video: Sssniperwolf came under fire after an old video surfaced online

Video: Sssniperwolf came under fire after an old video surfaced online

As the controversy surrounding well-known YouTuber SSSniperwolf intensifies, the community is inconsolable. The most recent instance is a resurrected video that purports to show the 30-year-old acting inappropriately toward minors on the video chat service Omegle.

Alia Shelesh, also known online as SSSniperWolf, has also drawn criticism for inviting her followers on Instagram to vote on whether or not she should visit Jack Douglass, the man behind the well-known channel Jacksfilms, who lived ostensibly five minutes away from where she was filming.

“Do I need to go see JacksFilms? He resides five minutes from my shooting location,” Shelesh wrote.

Even though Shelesh instantly removed the image, it swiftly circulated around her five million Instagram followers, eventually making its way to Douglass, who said on X that Shelesh had doxed him.

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Douglass said that the majority of Shelesh’s estimated $16 million net worth was earned by obtaining popular TikToks and incorporating them into her movies without properly crediting Shelesh or someone on Shelesh’s staff.

Jacksfilms is a well-known YouTuber with more than 4 million followers. His channel was well-known for its parodies and comedies, but it really took off in the early 2010s when he started a series called “Your Grammar Sucks,” in which he made fun of poorly written comments on the internet.

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