#KogiDecides2023: Results update

Kogi decides

The Independent National Electoral Commission has announced that the process of compiling the Kogi State governorship election results has commenced.
Below is a list of the results that INEC made public:

Kogi State’s Ogori-Magongo LGA (Osebande ward)

665 accredited voters

362 APC

SDP (195)

PDP (86)

ADC = 11.

01 LP

NRM (002)

Ten of the eleven wards did not hold polls, according to Kingsley Ogunnimilo, the local government’s returning officer. The Osebande ward’s outcome is the one that was previously announced.

Kogi State’s Idah LGA

23,044 accredited voters

2,033 APC

20.059% SDP

PDP (271).

ADC (91)

01 LP

05 NRM

Kogi State’s Okehi LGA

Voters with credentials: 57,243

53,062 APC

SDP (153).

2,722 PDP

68 ADC

69: LP

Bunu/Kabba LGA

24,242 accredited voters

12,376 APC

942 SDP

PDP: 8,566


LP: 07


Yagba East LGA

Accredited voters: 18,001

APC: 7,096

SDP: 312

PDP: 2,615

ADC: 7,453

LP: 01

NRM: 05

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