Full Video: Blueface Invites a lady on stage to get beat up by Jaidyn Alexis his baby mama

American rapper Blueface is always in the news for various controversies. He is currently in the news now a yet another scandal on stage. A lady threw ice at him on stage which got him angry. He then later invited the lady on stage and pushed her to his baby mama Jaidyn Alexis to beat her up.

Jaidyn was seen beating up the lady in the viral video. The current situation of the lady is yet to be known.

Jonathan Michael Porter, better known as Blueface, emerged from the Los Angeles underground rap scene in 2018 with his breakout hit “Dead Locs.” His distinctive features, including an intricate face tattoo and offset dreadlocks, immediately grabbed attention, as did his offbeat delivery and catchy lyrics.

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Blueface’s music draws influences from hip-hop, trap, and even bubblegum pop, resulting in a unique and often head-scratching sound. His lyrical content often revolves around street life, drugs, and relationships, delivered in a distinctively monotone flow.

He’s collaborated with a diverse range of artists, from West Coast heavyweights like YG and Snoop Dogg to pop stars like Tyga and Brooke Candy. These collaborations further showcase his versatility and willingness to experiment within the musical landscape.

Video here