Full Video: How Wizkid & Davido Squashed their beef in the club

How Wizkid & Davido Squashed their beef in the club

How Wizkid & Davido Squashed their beef in the club

In new a viral video on social media, Grammy award winner Wizkid and Grammy award nominee Davido seems to have settled their beef. They were seen hugging each other and vibing to each others songs.

The relationship between Afrobeats superstars Davido and Wizkid has been a complex one, marked by both collaboration and occasional tension. It was a lovely scene to see two heavy weights in Africa squashed their beef. This has canceled all online rumour as to there relationship.

Wizkid and Davido both became well-known in the late 2011, enthralling audiences with their contagious enthusiasm and unique approaches. Even the 2014 song “Roll It,” which they co-wrote together, demonstrated their musical affinity.

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As their individual careers flourished, comparisons and competition became inevitable. Fans often pitted the two artists against each other, amplifying perceived slights or competitive remarks. Davido’s flamboyant persona and Wizkid’s introverted cool contrasted further, contributing to the divide.

The battlefield for alleged jabs and subtle messages has frequently been social media. Because of the sensitive nature of their relationship, a 2017 Wizkid tweet that seemed to allude to Davido’s family riches caused a stir.

However we hope for peace but let see how long this last.

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