Photos: Rapper Finesse2Tymes brother Julio Sanchez goes Viral

Rapper Finesse2Tymes brother Julio Sanchez

Rapper Finesse2Tymes brother Julio Sanchez

Finesse2Tymes is an American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Memphis, Tennessee. He is known for his distinctive trap sound and his flamboyant persona.

Finesse2Tymes’ breakout hit came in 2016 with the single “Pull Up.” The song was a viral success and helped to launch his career. He has since released several other mixtapes and singles, including “We Did It” and “Mob Ties.”

Finesse2Tymes is known for his energetic and flamboyant stage presence. He often wears designer clothes and jewelry, and he is known for his catchphrases, such as “Finesse over everything” and “Mob ties.”

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It was earlier reported that the 31-year-old Ricky Hampton, aka “Finesse2tymes,” was arrested because he reportedly never returned a rental car.

Court documents show a different man rented an Infiniti QX80 valued at $72,200 back in February and was supposed to return the vehicle by March 10.

Finesse2Tymes was born on July 19, 1993, in Memphis, Tennessee. He started rapping at an early age, having grown up in a low-income neighborhood. In 2013, he dropped “From the Streets to the Stage,” his debut mixtape.

However several pictures of his brother Julio Sanchez going viral as he is said to be endowed. No response has been gotten from him as to how the pictures was released.