Video: Andrew Tate Exposes LGBTQ Scam

Video: Andrew Tate Exposes LGBTQ Scam

The podcast of Andrew Tate where he tried to expose the LGBTQ community is currently going viral. He talked about his perception of freedom in America. He asserted that freedom is not really freedom in the US.

Born Emory Andrew Tate III in 1986, Andrew Tate’s life defies easy classification. He’s been a successful businessman, a reality TV celebrity, a world champion kickboxer, and a highly controversial character on social media. Examining his life and work tells of his entrepreneurial aspirations, physical prowess, and outspoken nature, which ignites lively discussions.

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Some online posted several comments on this viral video;


MMA career aside why people listening to a guy thats not qualified to speak on any topic besides MMA?


He is 100% so right i have listen end saw tuff i cant show people in its secret if I show i will go to jail,bout is LGBTQ ,dont hate the gays feel sorry that there is goverment take advantage of people’s

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