Video: Doctor caught on video camera punching patient during surgery

Doctor caught on video camera punching patient during surgery

Doctor caught on video camera punching patient during surgery

The public’s outcry led to the suspension of a Chinese surgeon who was purportedly seen in a widely circulated video hitting an 82-year-old patient in the head during her eye surgery.

Dr. Ai Fen, one of the medical professionals who first informed the public about the Wuhan Covid epidemic, posted a video of the entire occurrence on Weibo.

The CEO of the hospital where the incident occurred was fired, and the surgeon was suspended by the hospital’s parent company, Aier China, which runs a network of eye hospitals in 2019. Authorities in China are currently looking into the occurrence.

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The 82-year-old patient at an Aier China hospital in Guigang, southwest China, is alleged to have been punched in the head at least three times by the surgeon, who is also the hospital dean. The video footage seems to indicate that the patient moved her head and eyes during the procedure while under local anesthesia, displaying signs of intolerance.
According to the officials, the incident caused bruises on the woman’s forehead.

According to her son, the patient received 500 yuan (about £55) in compensation from the Guigang hospital’s management as an expression of regret for the incident.

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