Video: How UNLV gunman killed 3 & sent letters to university before shooting

How UNLV gunman killed 3 & sent letters to university before shooting

How UNLV gunman killed 3 & sent letters to university before shooting

According to Las Vegas Sheriff Kevin McMahill, Anthony Polito, the gunman who investigators believe killed three people at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Wednesday, visited a Henderson post office and posted 22 letters to various university staff members across the nation without including a return address.

The letters were recovered by the police, and there was an unknown white powder in the first one opened,’ McMahill said. He’s called for caution among those officials at universities all over the country who get mail without a return address.

Before the suspect was “neutralized,” the gunfire started on the fourth floor of Beam Hall and “multiple” additional floors, according to Las Vegas Police Sheriff Kevin McMahill.

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As of right now, the investigation suggests that he opened fire on the cops before they shot and killed him.

Polito has his own website and a LinkedIn profile. He posted a 15-page report on the Zodiac Killer on the website, claiming to have figured out some of the murderer’s cryptic notes from his late 1960s Northern California operations.

According to the sheriff, Polito was accused with criminal trespass in Virginia in 1992. In addition to the persons at UNLV, the gunman also had a list of people he was hoping to locate at the institution in North Carolina where he had previously worked.