Video: Moment military officer punched his wife before shooting her dead

Moment military officer punched his wife before shooting her dead

Moment military officer punched his wife before shooting her dead

This is the horrible moment a police officer in São Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday assaulted his wife and then shot her to death in broad daylight.

According to reports, the officer, identified as Lucas Souza, allegedly punched his wife, Thais Caroline de Moraes Souza, repeatedly before shooting her dead in their home. The motive for the attack remains unclear, and an investigation is ongoing.

The incident has shaken the local community and ignited a nationwide debate about domestic violence in Brazil. Statistics show that the country has one of the highest rates of femicide in the world, with a woman being killed every two hours.

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According to CNN Brasil, the couple had been married for roughly six months when they got into the automobile fight over the weekend.

In other scenes captured on camera, the woman was seen battling to remove the man from the car before he got out on his own and started beating her repeatedly.

Thiago de Lima subsequently fired a shot and missed striking Erika’s face. He then hit her in the face with the gun five times before he fired two shots, striking her both times in the chest.

The military police force has also issued a statement condemning the incident and pledging to cooperate fully with the investigation. The force has also announced that it will review its internal policies and procedures to prevent such tragedies from happening again.

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